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40th Annual UCR Pow Wow

UCR Pow Wow
Cahuilla Birdsingers

May 26-28, 2023

University of California, Riverside
Riverside Sports Complex
1000 W. Blaine St. Riverside, CA 92507

Parking in Lot 26 

*Admission is Free & Open to the Public*
 All Dancers, Drums, and Birdsingers Welcome!!!

Click down below for more information



    ***Tentative Schedule subject to change***

    ***May 26th***
    5 p.m.: Bird Singing (Dancer Registration Opens)
    6 p.m.: Gourd Dance
    7 p.m.: Grand Entry

    ***May 27th***
    11 a.m.: Bird Singing
    12 p.m. & 6 p.m.: Gourd Dance
    5 p.m.: TBD
    1 p.m. & 7 p.m.: Grand Entry (Dancer Registrations closes at 1pm)

    ***May 28th***
    11 a.m.: Danza Azteka Kalpulli Teuxihuitl
    12 p.m.: Coronation of new UCR Pow wow Princess
    1 p.m.: Grand Entry 


    Master of Ceremonies: TBA

    Arena Director: TBA

    Head Man: TBA

    Head Woman: TBA

    Head Boy: TBA

    Head Girl: TBA

    Host Northern Drum: TBA

    Host Southern Drum: TBA

    Invited Drum: TBA

    Out Going Ms. UCR Pow Wow Princess TBA


    GOLDEN AGE (50+) *All Categories Combined  
    ADULTS (18-49)

    Men's Traditional;

    Men's Grass/Fancy

    Women's Traditional;

    Women's Jingle/Fancy

    TEENS (13-17)

    Boy's Traditional;

    Boy's Grass/Fancy

    Girl's Traditional;

    Girl's Jingle/Fancy

    JUNIORS (6-12) *All Categories Combined  
    TINY TOTS (1-5) *All Winners!  
    Head Man Special TBA  



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