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Healing the Earth Conference

Development of a space unique and bold in inclusivity, and critical theories of sciences, arts, and society; through the lens of indigeneity and marginalized communities around the Americas. For many of us, we have never had a space to share, express, and discuss the very topic of Indigenous STEM separate from the academies of Africa, Europe and Asia; let alone the ideas and concepts resulting from such a space. Through the annual “Healing the Earth” conferences, we focus on bridging communities and sharing discussion through faculty, professional and student panels, and research - in addition to sharing delicious, sustainable food.

The American Indian Science and Engineering Society, UC Riverside Chapter, created the annual Healing the Earth conference. This event takes place around Earth Day in April. To learn more about the UCR AISES Chapter, follow them on social media.

Facebook: UCR American Indian Science and Engineering Society Chapter, @AISESUCR

Instagram: @ucr_aises


Healing the Earth flyers